Network Security

Class Information

Class Information
Course Description
The course covers principles of building secure network systems with examples derived from Internet and wireless protocols. The course also presents privacy aspects of networking protocols. Finally, the class discusses security and privacy issues in emerging networks such as home networks or networking architectures such as SDN.
The grade will be based on several written homework assignments (HW), programming projects (PP), one midterm (MT), final exam (FE), and class participation (CP) as follows:
Grade = 10%*HW + 35%*PP + 20%*MT + 30*FE + 5%CP.
Programming projects
Systems, networking, computer security and cryptography background required. Platform is Linux. Programming language required is C/C++, HTML and Javascript, Python.
Textbooks and reading list
Academic Integrity

Academic Honesty and Ethical behavior are required in this course, as it is in all courses at Northeastern University (here is the guide for academic integrity). There is zero tolerance to cheating.

You are encouraged to talk with the professor about any questions you have about what is permitted on any particular assignment.


Lecture slides will be posted below. Homework and projects will be handed in class and/or posted on piazza. All class communication will take place on piazza. Homework and projects are assigned on Tuesdays and due on Mondays by 10PM.

Week Topics Hw Project
1 (Jan. 12) Introduction: Class overview. Security and privacy goals for network protocols. Fundamentals. [PDF]
Supplemental material: Crypto [PDF]
2 (Jan. 19) Internet: ARP, TCP. [PDF] Hw1 assigned.
3 (Jan. 26) Internet:IPsec, TLS. [PDF] Hw1 due. Prj 1 assigned.
4 (Feb. 2) Internet: IPsec, TLS (cont.)
5 (Feb. 9) Internet: DNS, DNSEC [PDF]
Details about the Kaminsky attack. [ www]
Hw2 assigned. Prj1 due.
6 ( Feb. 16) Midterm review Hw2 due.
7 (Feb. 23) Midterm
8 (Mar. 1) Midterm solutions.
Internet: BGP [ PDF ]
Prj 2 assigned.
(Mar. 8) Spring break.
9 (Mar. 15) Internet: Web security [ PDF] Hw3 assigned. Prj 2 due.
10 (Mar. 22) Internet: Web security (cont.) Hw3 due. Prj 3 assigned.
11 (Mar. 29) Wireless: 802.11 - WEP, WAP; cellular- 3G, 4G; [ PDF] Hw3 due.
12 (Apr. 5) Anonymity:- Mixes, crowds, onion routing, TOR, attacks against anonymity systems. [ PDF] Extra credit assigned. Prj 3 due.
13 (Apr. 12) DHT, SDN [PDF]
Final review
14 (Apr. 19) Final exam. Extra credit due.

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